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This June 16, millions of Americans will spend the day celebrating dad, but for fathers who have lost children and children who have lost fathers – Father’s Day can be one of the hardest days of the year.

All too often we forget about the real impact of gun violence. We forget that the victims aren’t just the people who are shot. They’re also the friends and family members left behind.

Each day in this country eight fathers lose their children to gun violence, and dozens of children lose their fathers. Sons no longer have someone to teach them how to play catch. Daughters walk down the aisle alone. Fathers no longer have anyone to tuck in at night.

This year, send Congress a “No Father's Day” card. Remind them of the real impact of gun violence. Tell them to do their part to stop gun violence by passing legislation that creates universal background checks, ends gun trafficking and keeps guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

The Impact of Gun Violence